The Politics of Nonviolent Action by Gene Sharp (2 books)

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1973 by Porter Sargent Publishers, 2/3 vol., 

condition: great

The Politics of Nonviolent Action is a major exploration of the nature of nonviolent struggle. This unabridged edition is in three volumes: Power and Struggle, The Methods of Nonviolent Action, and The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action.

Power and Struggle begins with an examination of political power. It is often assumed that power derives from violence and can be controlled only by greater violence. Actually, power derives from sources in the society which may be restricted or severed by withdrawal of cooperation by the populace.

The Methods of Nonviolent Action gives a detailed examination of 198 specific methods of the technique of nonviolent civil resistance — illustrated with actual cases — within the broad classes of nonviolent protest and persuasion, non-cooperation (social, economic and political) and nonviolent intervention. This book examines revolutionary events including the American Revolution, through common sense and analysis.

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