From Headline Hunter to Superman: Journalism Filmography

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From Headline Hunter to Superman: Journalism Filmography; [Author: Ness, Richard R.] [September, 1997]; hardcover, condition: used, but good, has some additional paper markings

Although recent films such as The Paper, I Love Trouble, and Up Close and Personal demonstrate the continuing popularity of movies about the press, the journalism film has seldom been recognized as a major genre. This filmography, a detailed analysis of journalists as they have been portrayed in films, consists of 2,165 entries for feature films from the silent era through 1996. In addition to providing an extensive discussion of significant journalism films such as The Front Page, His Girl Friday, Ace in the Hole, and Broadcast News, the text examines lesser-known works which helped to reinforce the image of the press on screen. The book is the first of its type to offer extensive consideration of journalists in silent films, in B films of the 1930s and 1940s, and in made-for-television movies. The filmography is presented chronologically by year, with entries within each year listed alphabetically. A definitive study of a genre long overdue for recognition. Of interest to film scholars, researchers, journalists and students of contemporary culture. Contains 17 black and white photos.

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